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How Do Free Book Promotion Sites Work

“In most cases, the answer is simple.  These book promotion sites have collected a very targeted bunch of emails or built up a large social media account and are willing to do some free book promoting on your behalf.

All you have to do is submit your book information for a promotion, and they’ll blast the information out to their – hopefully – avid readers.  With all of those free download, the hope is that some of them will leave a review and the spike in downloads will help with your Amazon rankings.

So, why do they do such an amazing free service?

In many cases, these sites will use their Amazon Associate link to point to your book.  That way, if someone clicks on it and downloads it, that site will get a percentage of anything that person ends up buying within 24 hours of clicking the link. Yup…that’s how Amazon Associate works.

But don’t let that get you all riled up!  These book promotion sites are basically free advertisement for you.  By getting the clicks and downloads, your book will become more popular by the minute…and all you had to do was fill out a form.  It’s a win-win situation.

So, want to use this tactic to get you more book sales and reviews?

List of Top Free Book Promotion Sites

The below list comprises of the best book promo sites out there.  As you’ll see they are all free, but some have a special upgrade.  Make sure to check the notes to the right and ensure your ebook meets the requirements.

List of Top Paid Book Promotion Websites

Below is a list of the top paid promotion websites.  These services either offer to send your book to other promo sites, saving you time and energy or will offer your book to a premium group of readers.  In most cases, you’ll get a better quality output through these sites…but at a price.  Also, if you want to see which ones are most worth your time and give you the best ROI, check out my list here.

If you know of a legitimate site that should be featured here, contact me and let me know!

How to Best Use and Schedule Your Book Promotion Site Pushes

To help you see the big promo site layout, here is a video I did looking at the how, why and when to book promo site marketing.

Book Promotion Site Services and Help

Now, if you are a thrifty writer or just someone on a budget, you can take the above list of book promotion sites and hand-jam your information into each one.

Grab a bottle of wine and some ice cream, because that will take a little bit of time.

Viable Economical Services

Another viable option is to go to Fiverr and pay someone to do the lists above or follow their own list – although I don’t think they will be as thorough as my list. Typically, though, I will send my Virtual Assistant this list and have them do it for me, but until you make the VA leap, here are some potential contacts that will do it for you: (PS: none of these are affiliate links)

BKnights on Fiverr: This guy or gal is the bomb diggity of promotion sites sales.  The link to the left is his Fiverr profile page where you will find an assortment of Fiverr gig options.  I have never met anyone who didn’t think that these gigs were not worth every penny.

Book Kitty Facebook Promos on Fiverr: Through this gig, they’ll promote your book on 5 popular facebook pages that the gig runner owns.  With 600+ positive reviews, its a favorite and go-to gig for many.

James H. Mayfield’s Promotion Service: This one is my favorite coming from my good friend Holger (uses a pen name).  Honestly, he has the most experience with working with these free sites and I took a peek at his analytics and well…the guy’s a pro.  Plus, he offers other types of promotions to include Facebook, Reddit, forums and others.

And here are some more Fiverr Opportunities:

Fiverr Gig for 25 Kindle Sites

I will promote your free ebook on 5 different websites

If you would like to make some extra cash, go ahead and start your own Fiverr gig and email me your link.  I’ll include you on this post….talk about FREE publicity!

Premium Book Promo Submission Tools

If hiring someone to do this is not your thing, then you could always venture into the programming side of the world.  Here are two programs/services that you could try. Neither of these links are affiliate links because I don’t use them so I can’t say with certainty that they are good or work.  But if you try them, let me know your thoughts in the comments below:

Book Marketing Tools Submission Tool
Author Marketing Club

Disclaimer: Writing a post about this is pretty hard because every day these sites are are changing, going out of business or just disappearing. I cannot promise that the information above will be the same when you click on the link. However, in an ever quest to publish amazing content, please, by all means, contact me and let me know if any information has changed. I will be sure to update the site so as to reflect this. Till then, stay frosty and enjoy!

Also, to help you along, here are a couple more articles to help understand these sites and ho

Alrighty guys, well I hope you enjoyed this list.  Now go out and make the most of it, and be sure to download my list of personal favorite book promotion sites below.



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