Depression is showing again

These can be.jpg

The time again where the pressure of schoolwork is pressing down on my bones, giving me my much awaited death, still, I digress. Unfortunately, I still can’t die peacefully, as my own classmates are persuading me with words like “You can meet your much awaited death at Thursday, where nothing is done.” My policy is: Be the person you needed when you were a child. To which I became like this, bringing up my facade to a maximum and only lifting it in front of my friends or the mirror. Why I have suicidal tendencies is because of the people I hanged out with, the kind of people where you consider weird is par for the course in my circles. At least I’m not like that certain person that considers social suicides as a pastime, does not accept charity, and rejects people whom likes him.

This is why death is something I look forward to, it’s also because of “measles” I heard that when you get this kinds of measles, when you get over it you become immune. So I decided to be rational and try it out.


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