I love insanity


The sanity that most people have are at the level of a person with no disabilities (Common sense level: None). The sanity of the publisher of this blog, is actually much more lower than you think, if you think that it’s low based on my posts, think again. My life as I know it is full of me being the one who needs to fulfill certain requirements; for example, my mother not knowing how determined am I when it comes to completing her requests, asks me one of the impossible (which I think back then was possible). I needed to change my policies in life because of her request. No I will never tell anyone what request she asked of me. Even if you could, I can’t remember anything in my elementary days through my most of my high school. I got eaten by the system I wholly opposed, and as a result, my demons were released in the form of my own poison (that the only thing that affects is me) which is laziness.

My demons will never be contained, if they can be even contained, they will always escape. As they are with me, whispering sweet nothings until I give in.

My sacrifices should only affect me, if it would affect anyone, it would surely be the ones who I sacrifice myself for.


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